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Meet Your Dream Keeper Staff, they are the men and women who share in the common vision and are working to secure the future of our youth and families. Your staff is composed of your neighbors, your co-workers, your family, and your friends. These people are dedicated to making the area around us better and will be there just when you think that no one cares.


Your dreams rest with us!!! Introducing your Dream Keepers.... Dream Keeper Staff Bios are coming soon!!!

Dream Keepers Executive Officers


Dream Keepers Founder/President- Mr. Elron Lamont Savage

Dream Keepers Co-Founder/Vice President- Mr. Marcus Riley

Dream Keepers Chief Executive Officer- Mrs. Stephanie Turner

Dream Keepers Chief Operations Officer- Ms. Auzalia Brown

Dream Keepers Chief Relations Officer- Ms. Kelli Cranmer

Dream Keepers Chief Program Director- Mr. Norman Giddens, Sr.

Dream Keepers Liaisons Officer- Mrs. Joyce Cervantes

Dream Keepers Security Events Coordinator- Mr. Detrick Downing

Dream Keepers Chief Finance Officer- Mrs. Kristin Zach



Dream Keepers Virginia State Officer and Team

Dream Keepers State Director (VA)- Ms. Charlene Finney

Mrs. Renee Perry

Mr. Michael Selby

Mrs. Deborah Selby

Mrs. Pamela Brown-Upshur



Dream Keepers Maryland State Officer and Team

Dream Keepers State Director (MD)- Ms. LaShauna Christian