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You Are Here at the New Dream Keeper Portal Website!!!


Welcome Home to the New Dream Keeper Website!!!


The Mission of this organization is as follows:  to be one voice of many in establishing recreation and services that will bring families together.


Though a lot has changed, Dream Keepers Mission remains clear. We are the voice of the community that prepares to answer a call to action like never before. Here on the New DK Website, you will see a lot more of what will answer this mission and also a lot of new things that we have never included on our websites before... We also invite other organizations that share this vision to email our president, President Elron L. Savage, with your thoughts and visions and we want to work with you. Visions should be brought forth together, not overtaken, but have the ability to be able to blossom without fear of being stolen.


The Time has come to work together to create a new future for the youth of the Eastern Shore. Their lessons come from us, and our examples they will imitate. Dreams are made to come true, Dream Keepers is the group that will help make them come alive!!!