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This is the DK Y.I.P. Page


It has been 2 years in the making. A program that is dedicated to the youth of the Eastern Shore. And now, it has finally arrived!!! It is the Dream Keeper Youth Initiative Project, known as the DK Y.I.P. This program offers a variety of events, activities, and possibilities that are directed for ages 10-18 years.


From the trips that will be planned to the Hangout Dances to the prized Dream Keeper Youth Summits, in which, the kids get an opportunity to talk about issues that affect them in their own way. Kids will have an opportunity to react with other children their own age, and in addition, will be able to explore new places.


The program breaks down into two groups for age appropriateness: The Junior Pack, which garners to middle school age students and the Dream Keeper Rangers, which garners towards our high school age students.


The JR Pac will have the opportunity to explore age appropriate events, crafts, get a chance to go to programs, and even have their own summits to talk about issues that affect their age level.


The DK Ranger helps prepare them for life after high school. They will receive counseling towards college, guidance for job situations, college campus tours; they will also have their own summits, hangouts, and will also be mentors toward the younger youth.


Both groups will also get their own youth government, that will allow them to have a say in many of the matters that go on in their program and will also have an opportunity to even help raise money for their group.


The cost of this program is $15 per month, which pays for programs, allows for discounts on events and trips, and also helps Dream Keepers buy the necessary supplies for this program. This is a great way for the youth to make new friends, talk about issues, see new experiences, and the list goes on.


This group promises a new world of experiences. Youths will also get to post their experiences on a special made website for them to come soon. Sign up today!!!!